Student Code of Conduct

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The School Administration reserves the right to create, re-activate, or change rules and regulations during the year. Students are expected to defer to the directions of the administration and faculty regarding deportment, dress, hair-style and safety, and show reciprocal respect. Offences will affect Ethics and/or POP marks. Those deemed serious by the administration may result in suspension or expulsion.

  1. DRESS
    Students wear the full uniform to, in, and leaving school. Plain black lace-less canvas shoes are required. Shirts must be tucked-in. No tight, baggy, or low hanging trousers. Girls skirts must reach their knees, and worn with black leggings. Hats, caps, bandanas, do-rags, toukes and hoodies may not be worn indoors. Winter boots may never be worn indoors. For special events, students will be told what casual clothing is appropriate.
    Nose, ear or facial piercings, studs or rings are not permitted. Boys’ faces must be clean shaven and their hair must be short and conservative as photographs show in this agenda. Girls hair must be simply styled. Students may not dye, colour, stiffen, gel or shave their hair or the sides of their head. (See page 10.) Failure to follow these directions as judged by the administration will result in a warning, followed by suspension.
    Arrive by 8:15 a.m., sanitize your hands, and be seated and ready at 8:25. If you arrive late, you remain in the cafeteria until the end of period 1. You may not leave the school during the day without permission.
    You may not order-in food. You must stay downstairs during lunch, and may not bring food or drinks upstairs. Students may eat downstairs only during recess and lunch-time. Leave your lunch table clean.
    Students must show respect in their behavior. Insults, name-calling, foul language, yelling, running, grabbing, hitting and wrestling are forbidden. Students must stay in their classroom during pauses, and not enter another’s classroom. Respect school property, and other’s possessions. Do not sit on desk-tops or tables, tilt back in your seat, or lean against the wall. To improve language skills, you are required to speak only English or French in school. Failure to do so will affect your English and French Communication marks. Smoking and gum chewing is forbidden. Do not borrow or loan money, gamble, copy another’s work or buy answers. Card playing is permitted as long as there is no betting.
    School laptops may be used before and after school. Your cell-phone must be turned off and in your backpack during classes. The administration may require that your cell-phones be stored during class hours in the school office. Possession of a cell phone or smart watch during examinations will be deemed cheating and you will automatically fail. School i-pads may be used at the discretion of the teacher.
    Keep all things of value with you: wallet, purse, phone, tablet, laptop. Do not bring expensive items to school, nor leave them unattended. The school is not responsible for personal property lost, damaged, or left over-night. You may not bring a bicycle, skateboard, in-line skates, motorcycle or car to school. Keep your desk, books, and classroom organized and clean. Keep your agenda neat and up-to-date . and signed each week by your parent or guardian. Sharp implements, exacto-knives and weapons of all kinds are forbidden. Students may not have friends visit the school without permission, or wait in the neighbourhood.