Bringing Students Together From Around The World.

We are truly an international school, with 25 languages spoken by our 125 student-strong school family.

Why you should choose our school?

Small classes, maximum of between 15 - 18 students

Our impassioned and highly trained teachers use traditional teaching methods and modern practice methodology to engage our students in the learning process.

Teachers First Aid Training

Safe and Smart

Safe and Savvy

Safe and Smart

The safety and happiness of your son or daughter is of utmost importance to College Prep International. To this end, several measures have been put in place to ensure their well-being. Upon admission, students read, promise to follow, and sign a Code of Conduct and an Anti-Bullying Pledge.
During the school day, students remain on the school property, and are supervised by a teacher or an administrator. At recess and lunch, students from different levels enjoy ping-pong or foosball. Younger students feel comfortable with our senior students, and in turn are encouraged by their good example and kindness.

Since 1944

College Prep International is an English private, non-sectarian, co-educational school, founded in 1944. There are no language restrictions with regards to registration. There are over twenty five international languages within our school family.

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Our Courses and Educational Programs

The School Office is ready to help you during the day with extra coaching, problem solving, a friendly chat, and suggestions for self discipline. If your parents would like to speak with an administrator or teacher, please ask them to call to arrange an appointment.

We sincerely hope, that by your effort, hard work, and willingness to follow our rules, regulations, and advice, you will give your parents the reward of your best efforts.

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College Prep International is a private, co-educational school offering traditional primary & secondary programs within small classes by highly qualified teachers.
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College Prep International strives to be like a second family for our students. They do not hesitate to turn to teachers and administrators for help, and freely discuss their concerns – whether academic or personal. This affords them the security and opportunity to share their hopes and dreams, and to grow into the confident and amazing men and women they are meant to be. They need the wisdom of the past and the best of the present, so they can create and secure a future of peace, tolerance, equality and generosity for themselves and one day for their own children. This is what College Prep International is all about. You believe in your son or daughter- So do we! Let us work together.

M. Diaczun, Headmaster