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Administration fees for researching and retrieval of student documents including: transcripts, records and referrals are $20.00 CDN per document. Payment made in advance by bank draft payable to College Prep International. Please send prepaid self addressed courier waybill and/or mailing envelope for all International deliveries. All documents will be held 10 days for pickup. Students in default of tuition fees must pay all outstanding fees prior to completing the Requisition Form Bellow.

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Dear Parents & Students,

Following our newsletter of February 15th, we wish to inform you that online classes are now extended to February 26th. This gives the 2 week period required by Health authorities for safe reintegration. Remember to log in on time for your classes with proper uniform. You will return on Monday March 1st.

Please note:

We have a Ped day (Teachers meeting on Friday March 5th) There will be no classes on that day. It will be your spring break day (smile) Easter vacation coming soon.

Kindly collect any texts you have at School to continue your courses. You are again advised to stay at home if unwell. In such cases online will continue for the day you are absent.

Grades 5/6/7/8 & 10 will continue with in school classes. Stay safe.


You must be on time for your classes with proper school uniform.

P.E. Uniforms for all Physical education classes

Regards, Admin & Staff of CPI