Proper respect for our School Uniform is very important to us, and is considered part of our curriculum. The uniform consists of:

  • a white dress shirt/blouse with CPI initials,
  • a maroon tie with the school crest on it.
  • a navy blue sweater with the school crest (vest or long sleeve)
  • a black belt,
  • gray school trousers for boys / grey school pants or grey school skirt for girls (their choice),
  • white, grey or black socks,
  • black lace-less canvas shoes with white sole
  • white polo shirt with crest for physical education classes,
  • gym shorts with school crest.
Please note that girls who opt to wear a grey school skirt wear black leggings.
Both boys and girl who choose to wear trousers /pants make certain they are neither too tight fitting, nor too baggy or drooping.
It is useful to purchase both the navy sweater vest and the long sleeve. Due to the varying extremes of Canadian weather, one or the other may be of greater comfort for your son or daughter.

Rest in peace

All the members of College Prep International Alumni, Students, Parents and Staff are saddened by the passing of one of our school family members

Ms. Linda Bogante

our Secondary V English Teacher

Linda joined us in 1997.
She was a dedicated Language Arts Teacher.
She was passionate about Literature
and loved imparting her knowledge to students
to enable them to write the best essays.

Linda embraced the New Life on Sunday, September 18th.

A special page will be created for all to write condolences which will be sent to her husband and children, so that they will know she was truly loved by us all.