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Est. 1944

College Prep International is an English private, non-sectarian, co-educational school, founded in 1944. There are no language restrictions with regards to registration. There are over twenty-five international languages within our school family.

College Prep has traditional classes of no more than 15 to 18 students. Our impassioned and highly trained teachers use traditional teaching methods and modern practice methodology to engage our students in the learning process. Strategic use of technology such as Smart white boards and touch recognition displays are employed to convey complex math and science theory in a dynamic visual presentation. Our teachers are students too; continually updating their knowledge through pedagogical training sessions throughout the year. Our classes are comprised of students from all parts of the globe; Teachers are mandated to be firm but fair and treat all students equally with dignity, maturity and respect.

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College Prep

In 1977 Mrs. Mora joined Prep School and started changing its profile to high academics. The name College Prep International was registered in 1993 and the school moved to its present home at 7475 Sherbrooke West.

History of success

In 1944, Mr Brodsky organized classes for Graduates of Sir George Williams University where he was a teacher. By 1947 Mr. Finkel joined his fellow Graduate A. Brodsky, started their own tutorial school and the name Prep School was established. During the day, Mr. Brodsky, Mr. Finkel and other colleagues taught high school subjects. There was also an evening school for adults.

“For over seventy years, we have been providing quality education for Canadian and International students. Many of our Graduates have become prominent in business and in politics.
-College Prep International

Special Thanks To:

Ashton Livingston and Staff of the 50's
Bhagwan Sadaranganey and Staff of the 70's
Donna Vaicekauskas and Staff of the 90's

Experience Matters

Servicing Montreal families and those from countries spanning the globe. Most of our students speak more than two languages. So, whether you live in Québec learning in French or are arriving from abroad learning in a foreign language; College Prep will enrich your knowledge and prepare you for college.

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COVID-19 Notice


We sincerely hope you are well and spending this precious gift of time with your family. Each day is a gift and we are praying for many more. Special thanks to the Students who are handing in their work on schedule. Teachers are busy correcting and grading.
Note: Your progress report is scheduled for April 8th.
Grades will be based on your classwork up to and including March 13th AND your current GOOGLE on-line classwork.
PLEASE submit the work requested by your Teachers.
Your progress reports will be sent by mail or email.
Your new scheduled return date is May 1st
If all goes well, we will request students to come in for morning sessions only to review, collect books, check progress report with Teachers and start regular classes on Monday May 4th.
Our school schedule is on task. If you think we can assist in any other way kindly send an email to: info@prepinternational.com
Additional note: Your Google classes will run up to and including April 7th.
You will NOT be assigned work during your Easter vacation. Google classroom will resume April 20th


Registered students will receive their appointments and summer readings for the new School Year before March 31st.

Blessings - Ms.U.T.Mora www.prepinternational.com