High School Graduation

High School in the Province of Quebec extends from Grade 7 through Grade 11. The Ministry of Education recognizes the graduation of students who have accumulated course credits in Grades 10 and 11.

High School Subjects

Subjects Cycle 1 = Cycle 2 =
Sec. 1
Grade 7
Sec. 2
Grade 8
Sec. 3
Grade 9
Sec. 4
Grade 10
Sec. 5
Grade 11
English Language Studies 6 6
French Second Language 4 4
Mathematics 4/6 4/6
Science and Technology 4
Chemistry 4
Physics 4
History and Citizenship 4
Contemporary World 4
Art / Music / Drama 2+2 2+2
Ethics and World Religions 4 2
Physical and Health Ed. 2 2
POP – Career Planning 4
Financial Education 2

High School Graduation Requirements

Students in Secondary 4 (Grade 10) and Secondary 5 (Grade 11) must accumulate 54 credits (at least 20 of these credits must be in Secondary 5 (Grade 11).
4 credits in Sec IV mathematics; 4 credits in Sec IV science/technology; 4 credits in Sec IV history/citizenship education; 2 credits in Sec IV arts education;
6 credits in Sec V English; 4 credits in Sec V French; 2 credits in Sec V ethics/religious culture or physical education/health; 4 credits in contemporary world.
A CEGEP (the equivalent of Grades 12 and 13) will accept students into programs with Sec IV mathematics as a minimum requirement, nevertheless preferred status will be given to students with Sec V mathematics.

COVID-19 Notice


We sincerely hope you are well and spending this precious gift of time with your family. Each day is a gift and we are praying for many more. Special thanks to the Students who are handing in their work on schedule. Teachers are busy correcting and grading.
Note: Your progress report is scheduled for April 8th.
Grades will be based on your classwork up to and including March 13th AND your current GOOGLE on-line classwork.
PLEASE submit the work requested by your Teachers.
Your progress reports will be sent by mail or email.
Your new scheduled return date is May 1st
If all goes well, we will request students to come in for morning sessions only to review, collect books, check progress report with Teachers and start regular classes on Monday May 4th.
Our school schedule is on task. If you think we can assist in any other way kindly send an email to: info@prepinternational.com
Additional note: Your Google classes will run up to and including April 7th.
You will NOT be assigned work during your Easter vacation. Google classroom will resume April 20th


Registered students will receive their appointments and summer readings for the new School Year before March 31st.

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